Artist Statement

   My work explores place, domesticity and the lure of the wild outdoors.  I explore my       
embodied postmemory of home and the domestic uncanny.

   Ideas of shelter, home, trace, and my own family history weave themselves in and out     
of my practice. I am drawn to the liminal spaces and place and what lies beyond our       
 physical realm.


   Please feel free to contact me via Instagram @jomareehooper or by emailing me at


   I have recently graduated with a 1st class Honours degree from Plymouth College of Art


   Set   2021  Allusive Lines ii                        Leadworks (group show)
   Sept  2020  Allusive Lines                          Leadworks, Plymouth (group show)
   May   2019  Do as I Like                             PS2, Plymouth
   March 2018  Where are we all going?       PS1, Plymouth (group show)
   May   2017  Us8                                           Radiant Gallery Plymouth (group show) 
   Feb   2017  New York Print Exchange      Alfred University, New York (open call)       

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